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Immunization Resources

I began investigating and researching the vaccines my son would recieve in 2019 in anticipation to his birth in 2020. The information I discovered was not only frightening, but was also the complete opposite of what I had been told by medical professionals.

I used my investigative journalist skills to make my decision by dissecting information from the CDC and WHO, comparing the rates of infection and illness, and studying the diseases themselves.

Today, in the post covid era, you will no longer easily find any of these resources that can equip you to make an infromed decision on your child's life and health. In 2022, I decided to look up those same resources in preparation for my daughters birth (just to make sure I was doing the right thing by declining) and was shocked at the level of censorship.

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Begin by finding the particular immunizations your child will receive on this site. This site lists Peer Reviewed Medical Journals, the history of diseases and immunizations, ingredients etc.


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You may find you don't have access to this documentary in your country. Please reach out to me if you find yourself unable to view it.

The first Vaxxed focuses on immunizations and their adverse side effects while the second focuses on the vaxxine injured children and their parents (very very hard to watch).


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This 10-part docuseries looks into the history of vaccines, risks and safety concerns, and alternatives.


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