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My Process

Hello friend,

I’m glad you’ve found me. With so many options to pick from, I am happy you are here.

I remember first discovering I was pregnant back in 2019. I remember the shock, fear and joy I experienced - all at the same time. We had been trying to conceive for months and I cried every time my period came. It wasn’t until I decided to let go of this “need” to conceive, did I find myself missing my next period. 

I spent the next nine months planning and preparing for this new life. With a background in journalism, I spent hours and hours researching hospital births, their procedures and everything baby.

I asked the women around me about their birthing experiences. All I had heard were horror stories. Trauma was normalized and apparently, to be expected. I was considered a crazy woman for even entertaining the idea of an unmedicated birth. I thought, how could something so natural be considered so horrible?

I made a decision to reframe my mindset. I wanted to enjoy birthing my child. I wanted to revel in graduating into motherhood. I wanted to feel my body transforming itself while it miraculously brought forth new life. My body was made for this. I was made for this. 

This was a spiritual journey I had undertaken. A spiritual birth. The birth of three people: Mother, father and baby. 

In 2020, my son was born via emergency c-section after laboring for over 56 hours and battling an ‘infection’ that almost killed him and I. Despite my son’s fitting 2020 birth into this world, my spiritual journey still continues. 

It is not enough that a woman is educated. She must also be courageous and believe in herself. 

As your doula, I will give you the tools to empower yourself through the birth of your baby as well as the rest of your life.

I will encourage you to advocate for yourself when you feel like nobody is listening. 

And most importantly, to help you feel in control of your own body, birth and baby.


Khadija Alzadjali

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