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Birth Preference Plan - Vaginal Birth




10 Weeks

About the Course

Welcome Mama,

One of the first steps pregnant women are asked to do is: write a birth plan.

Unfortunately, life experiences seldomly go as planned and babies aren't an exception. Sometimes, we have no option but to go with the flow of things and accept that certain things are truly out of our control. With this realization, I created the Birth Preference Plan (BPP).

The BPP has an informed consent focus to allow women the to make the right choices when given the correct information.

"It is a process between you and your care provider that helps you decide what will and will not be done to your body. In the case of maternity care, informed consent also gives you the authority to decide about the care that affects your baby," Childbirth Connection.

When your birth begins to take unexpected twists and turns, you will be emotionally prepared and able to make the decisions that feel right for you and your family.

Another important aspect of the BPP is that it was specifically created to lessen the impact of trauma if the birth does not go as expected.

According to recent studies, birth-trauma is associated more with how the mother was made to feel rather than the physical aspect of birth. Once you have researched and completed the BPP, you will have a better idea of what you can expect and how you wish to handle those situations. Having a sense of control over your body, your birth and your child will ultimately make you feel involved in your own birth.

Your Instructor

Khadija Alzadjali

Khadija became a doula in 2021 after experiencing a traumatic hospital birth with her first baby in 2020. She has spent the last three years studying, reading, and creating courses to help and facilitate women birthing in the medical industrial complex.

Khadija Alzadjali
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