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Acupressure for Support Person




12 Weeks

About the Course

In this course, the support person will learn how to give emotional support through acupressure, touch, and encourage beneficial hormonal support.

  • Late pregnancy

    • Encourage baby to move into optimal position for delivery

    • Encourage onset of labor prior to known/planned medical intervention

  • Labor and delivery

    • Establish effective contractions

    • Pain labor relief

    • Nasuea treatment

    • To assist the baby to move down into the pelvis and to encourage effective pushing 

  • Postpartum care

    • Placenta delivery

    • Breastmilk letdown

Your Instructor

Khadija Alzadjali

Khadija has a Foundation certificate in Acupressure and Moxibustion: Pregnancy and Postpartum through Debra Betts and Stephani Gianarelli, 2022.

Khadija Alzadjali
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